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Spanking Needs Forums: Domestic Discipline Forum - Spanking Needs Forums can get the word out so all us single people can have a place to chat.

There was gum left under the seats, a broken seat, rubbish left everywhere, and a great deal of disruptive behavior which was so distracting and stressful for the driver that he needed medication afterward and the school was held financially responsible for the damages. Anita says she is sorry and just got carried away with excitement over the win, but Ms.Anita has been called to the family study for a punishment.It is brought to her attention that her grades have been slipping and she is on her way to failing school for the year and not being able to go to University.Schoolgirls Anita and Sally have been brought to Ms. When she questions them, they go back and forth over why they were fighting and who started it, until Ms.Simpson has had enough and tells them they're both getting spanked.

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