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Twisting its way past this viewpoint, the rift eventually peters out in dendritic fractures north beyond the Trans-Canada Highway.Hidden from sight by the valley’s meanders, the hundred crooked kilometres of Lake Okanagan are said to seclude the serpentine Ogopogo, distant relative of Loch Ness’s famous denizen.Though it is unlikely that one will find a representative of the species slithering through the streets of Osoyoos, they do live in the Okanagan.While not the terrifyingly over-hyped “ Diamondback” or “ Sidewinder” of American mythology, vipers that can kill dinosaurs with the mere flick of a tongue, the oreganos is worthy of respect. They range in temperament from docile to down-right testy, and they may not rattle a warning if they are suddenly surprised by, say, a hand reaching for a golf ball lying beside them in the rough, or a foot kicking at a log under which they are curled.At the bottom of the grade, a traffic light controls the well service-stationed intersection of the Crowsnest Highway with Highway 3A/97.Under the huge Canadian flag which floats above the Husky gas station/restaurant and neighbouring chamber of commerce tourist information trailer, the Intersection extinguishes Highway 3A southbound from up-valley and sends its travelling companion, 97, on alone to cross into Washington state four kilometres south.

The ploy works; tourists stop, booking the Town’s thousand-and-one motels nearly solid during the summer, choking the main streets with cars hauling boats and kids to the beach, cruisin’ for ‘shakes ‘n’ ‘burgers, searching out that last unreserved family suite.

posted 2002 revised 2008/02/01 Osoyoos The Brigade Trail J. Haynes and the Customs House The Founding of Osoyoos Cattle, the Krugers, Irrigation and the Fruit Industry Racism in the Valley The KVR and the Incorporation of Osoyoos The Anarchist Mining Osoyoos Away from Spotted Lake and the Richter Pass, the eastbound Crowsnest Highway starts its dramatic career down into the Okanagan Valley.

Western Smith, Leslie Plaskett, and Michael Kluckner.

Scratching its way diagonally down the desiccated face of Mount Kruger, the Highway bridges the Lake at its pinch and vanishes on the Valley’s eastern wall.

Splashed across the Lake’s pinch, Osoyoos worships the sun.

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Okay; there are not yet 1001 motels in Osoyoos, but there are plenty.

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