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Posted On Aug 24, 2014 - AMThank you CC for sharing such nice and affordable place... I was little hesitant as never mixed massage with fun before but it went smooth as butter.I have been there thrice and have got blown at all times and my body licked..experience has been awesome so far. Masseur is strictly ok however service is way too good. Disposable underwear was given before massage and Masseur left the room for me to change.

I even offered him 1500 as tip, but he flatly refused.Made me feel very comfortable and while Massaging he kept touching my Pen*s and rubbing it slightly.He did massage my As* well too where at times his hand wondered my but* crack and once even my rose bud, Well I am a Top so i didn't react to it and continued to enjoy the Massage, Once done he massaged my Pelvic where i got a STIFFER,he took nicely in his hand and without saying anything started Oiling and Jer*king me.So when you get out of Elphinstone Road onto the bridge/ flyover, you go down on the west side, the side where you go to dadar west. Post A Comment Comments Posted On Feb 27, 2014 - AMAgree to CCDude thanx for detail information I visited dis place had gr8 economic massage dere and at end blow job. Agree dat massage guy is not good looking but it's dark so non problem Once again Thanx for info Plzz do post such more place Posted On Mar 15, 2014 - AMYessss......! First thing - they are refurbishing the exterior room - so there are two workers scraping away the plaster - and its a chaos. ) i entered the premises and asked the Thekedar / Mukadam type person sitting there - if the massage service is functional.This place is right on the left hand side of the flyover (running over the tracks), as it is about to end. Perhaps he liked me - and said yes...though there is refurbishment going on - the massage parlor is inside and its functional. The guy is decided ungood looking but not repulsive (as someone was saying in earlier comment) and gave a good handjob after the massage. Once again....thanx Creepy Corollary for sharing this nice place. Will go there more often as its close and convenient. Since I swing both ways, I often go to spas where there are NE chicks.

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