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In colder weather they added leggings and a fringed hunting jacket.Chiefs and priests wore long, full cloaks made of feathers and feather caps (not the traditional and popular plains Indian headdress) or cloth turbans.The men shaved their heads, leaving a topknot (sometimes called a scalplock), which they allowed to grow long, and often their bodies and faces were tattooed.In warm weather women wore only a short skirt and added a poncho-like top during the winter.Prior to European contact, the Cherokee had domesticated dogs, which they used for food and pack animals.

Both have become the standard "regalia" for Cherokee powwow dancing.

Since then, according to the tale, the Cherokees have had a democratic government.

Unified by language, traditions, and its clan system, the Cherokee nation had no centralized government or written laws.

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The Cherokee people are best known for their fine baskets usually made from cane, white oak, hickory bark and honeysuckle.

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