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– Likewise, purposefully doing things that are illegal is 100% not recommended for making 0. It is important to mention this right away to get these ideas completely out of the way. Make-100is to help you find ways to make 0, then another 0, and enough 0’s so that you’re never short on cash again – NOT to give you a quick ticket to jail (or worse!If you ever decide to try illegal things to make money, the chances are good that you’ll end up in worse condition than you started. Not a single idea listed below in this document in any way suggests the use of theft or crime. ) This is no joke – tell a joke worthy of publication in Reader’s Digest, you’ll collect 0 for your troubles. The Reader’s Digest Joke Submission Page ( describes their process as follows: “Everybody’s got a funny story. Send us a joke, quote or a funny true story and you may see it published on Readers or in Reader’s Digest Magazine.The hard part is getting people to actually donate.From a technical standpoint, set-up is as easy as 1-2-3 1.Setting up regular appointments (like weekly plans) makes this easy to manage.Give people a fair deal, be a trustworthy person, and the chances are you’ll find a regular customer.

Just follow the easy instructions for creating a button from inside your Pay Pal account. Nothing puts 0 in your jeans like creating 0 worth of VALUE and then collecting on it.

install the code on your website (see below for details) 2.

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It all depends on what kind of angle you develop or how many people see the plea for cash.

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