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Fisher is back in Los Angeles, offering studio analysis on Lakers games for their regional TV network and watching NBA contests on TV pretty much every other night, too.He remains open to coaching in the future, but he's open to other life paths as well."You can't try and say someone else isn't doing it the way possibly one of the greatest who has ever been able to do it, did it when he did it.They don't teach ninth-grade algebra the same way they used to teach ninth-grade algebra."Dating Govan, mother to former Lakers teammate Barnes' twin sons, has also left a massive stigma on him in league circles.For whatever reason, we've become that type of society. There's this tough-guy bravado culture we've created in sports—where if you're not the toughest, baddest, craziest, strongest dude on the block, then you're maybe the softest dude on the block.Our point of reference with these things and how we judge someone else's situation so quickly is crazy to me.

Now that Fisher has been through the New York wringer—the opportunity Phil giveth and so soon Phil taketh away—he has come to realizations about what went wrong while he coached the Knicks, what actually went more right than people appreciate and what the heck his personal circumstances with Matt Barnes say about the world in which we live.So it has made it easier for me to focus on me."We were doing a lot of really good things with the Knicks. The good that was being done got overshadowed by opinion, actuallyinaccurate opinion about a personal matter.Nobody really knows what happened, because there's been just noise about what happened."What ultimately took place with Fisher's job was Jackson's deeming after a year and a half that Fisher didn't have what it took to be the team president's protege or the right coach for the Knicks."To observe something from the place that Phil has sat and experienced, you can't compare to that," Fisher said."Even if it's for other people to learn, to observe how I handle things and how I try and manage certain things and make certain decisions, manage imperfections and flaws, then maybe that's what it's all for."Fisher is aware that some, especially in the NBA community, don't view him in the same light, though.Asked if he understands how some might say he fundamentally violated a bro code, Fisher said: "I would be doing the same thing they are doing if I tried to define what is right or wrong for someone else.

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