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This makes it difficult to correlate who made what.

A SUSPECTED cannibal couple lured victims using dating sites before drugging, butchering and eating them, it has been claimed.

The lead article in e Life (Berger et al) presents the interpretation that “, the genetic distance between them and other human groups cannot be judged.

The coexistence of groups of humans with widely different physical characteristics, including significantly different brain sizes— had a cranial capacity of less than half that of modern humans—raises a further question.

The degree to which human evolution involved actual speciation—separation into reproductively isolated groups due to genetic incompatibility—or was characterized by a continually evolving set of dispersed and genetically diverse populations which, nevertheless, maintained some degree of gene flow, and did not divide into separate species, remains an open, and very important question.

Increasingly, however, the discovery of these and other human variants (e.g., Dmanisi) suggests that, at least until relatively recently, there were multiple ways of being human.

Just because some lineages made advances in their physical, intellectual, and technological characteristics, other more primitive modes of adaptation were not automatically superseded.

This, known as the “single species” hypothesis, proposed that human evolution tended to be unilinear rather than multilinear.

This is contrary to the predominant pattern of evolution in which organisms tend to differentiate physically in order to adapt to particular ecological niches as they spread geographically.

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Remains of individuals who died over 2 million years ago would be expected to have undergone a high degree of fossilization (i.e., mineralization).

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