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She said, "You'd better get dressed." I got up and turned down the brightness of the LED recessed ceiling lights with the rheostat and looked at Alexis. We're here." Mitch appeared in a doorway at the far end of the foyer.

A blazing fire burned in the largest fireplace I had ever seen. From all the thousands of leather bound books in ornately carved wood shelves stretched to the ceiling, I guess this room would be called the library. Rachel offered us a chair and told us that dinner would be served in twenty minutes.I literally dropped myself onto the eight foot long sofa. Oddly, the back of her neck is not an erogenous zone like the sides or her neck. It was time to get up and get ready anyway, so I pulled my limp and useless arm from under her head and sat up behind Alexis.Alexis sat down and nudged me to move against the back of the sofa and she swiveled herself to spoon in front of me. We could have curled up in bed and been more comfortable but she cuddled up using my right arm for a pillow and I draped my left arm over her and drifted off to sleep. I used my good arm to flop the bad one around until I had feeling in it again.Mitch brought her finger back to her face and looked at it.She touched the glob to her tongue and swirled it around in her mouth and then she burst into a smile and looked up at her mother again with a whole new look on her face.

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The Butler guy, John, came in to see what we were laughing about.

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