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In 1845, Ireland plunged into the Great Famine, a period of crisis that lingered for nearly a decade and changed the very fabric of Irish culture.From the depths of this destitution, though, rose nobleman John Caldwell, who offered Irish industry a glimmering light of hope.For instance a basket from the first period might fetch £1,400, while a similar piece from the second period could go for £700."As the periods increase the prices are lower," he says.A first period Henshall basket in good condition should fetch £800.There are also covered baskets, that is baskets with a separate cover or lid.

The terminals of the handles are encrusted with flowers.The following decade at that same exhibition, Belleek wares caught the eye of England’s Queen Victoria, who subsequently ordered her own service by the makers.By the turn of the century the company had shifted its focus to pearly white Parian porcelain, so named for its smooth finish akin to the luminous marble from ancient Paros, Greece.Mr Gambon says that teawares are less expensive and that any damage and even the teawares are fragile - has an effect on their commercial value.A fine first period teapot and cover could fetch £400 to £500, while cups and saucers from the first period could fetch between £100 and £200 each.

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Gracing the quarters of Queen Victoria to the tables of today, authentic Irish Belleek pottery exudes an unrivaled delicacy.

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