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In 1842, White Oak Plantation was purchased by Abraham Bessent, a shopkeeper in nearby St. The sale included extensive machinery and 118 slaves, 109 whose names were recorded on the deed.Before the American Civil War, White Oak had about 350 acres of rice paddies in cultivation.of the 13,000 acres on White Oak Plantation, which is mostly forest, wetlands, arts and wildlife facilities, and a golf course outside Yulee, Florida just below the Georgia state line along the St. The site also accommodates conferences and has welcomed renowned guests, most notably former U. The earliest recorded history of White Oak Plantation dates back to April 16, 1768, when the British governor of Florida gave land along the St.

Classified as vulnerable and suffering from habitat loss and hunting, cassowaries inhabit northern Australia, Ceram, Aru Island, and New Guinea.

White Oak does not have a permanent population of Florida panthers but instead works with the U. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to prepare injured or orphaned individuals for rerelease into southern Florida.

The center's spacious enclosures are meant to simulate their natural habitat, and they receive little to no human interaction to maintain their natural instincts.

More than 130 calves have been born in 25 years to the herd at White Oak.

The eastern giant eland is classified as a species of least concern—unlike the western giant eland, which has less than 200 left in the wild and is critically endangered.

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After removing the stands of cypress from the property's swampy areas, Wright also began to cultivate rice, establishing the southern-most rice plantation on the Atlantic coast.

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