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Besides, they’ve known each other a while now – in being the other, and sometimes he alternates them.

Here’s a girl who stays out of the sh-t, can’t stand being in Los Angeles, not even for Ryan Gosling, so dealing with Owen Wilson’s depravity, romantically, wouldn’t exactly be her flavour.

His nose is a little different than others as most of the actors has a pointed nose.

Sheryl Crow who is a famous singer and song writer was once his girlfriend, and they had an intimate affair, but they broke up due to some problems in their relationship.

The gossip on set is that they are an item off screen," said the source.

Rachel and Owen have known each other since at least 2004, when they co-starred together in the comedy .

It has been a long career which has seen ups and downs but this legendary actor has managed to keep calm and focus on his work which is one key reason behind his success.

He is a tall and dashing gentleman as his height touches 5 feet 10 inches which are around 1.79 meters.

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He has tweeter 81 times already and has more than 48k followers.

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