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I would have liked to learn more about myself that you could only do when you are in a relationship with somebody.

It seems that college just isn’t the place to do that anymore.” One commonly heard explanation for the boyfriend deficit is BU’s lopsided female-to-male ratio: 9,935 to 6,689 last year.

As is revealed in a BU Today survey answered by more than 4,000 students, it’s not always clear that a date is a date, it’s hard to know when a relationship is a relationship, and the best clue to the true nature of an invitation is often the time of day (or night) that it’s issued. A recent story in the New York Times titled “The End of Courtship?

” describes just how mixed up it is; it pulled in more than 400 comments from readers.

One male respondent claims that BU’s gender imbalance drives women to “preemptively search other schools for boyfriends, leaving very datable guys at BU single.” Curiously, the survey shows that the generation that spends much of its life online has little interest in dating online.

Respondents across gender identities say they have the best luck meeting love interests the old-fashioned way: through friends, around campus, in classes, and at parties.

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“You might get anxious, thinking that when they really get to know you they won’t like you,” Stavros says.

“So what I say is fairly early on, within the first month of dating someone, go on a two-hour walk or a car ride, somewhere where you can only be with each other.” Our survey shows that only 8.5 percent of students are fans of online dating, 44.4 percent think it’s creepy, 34.9 percent admit they might try it, and 12.1 percent (note to readers: this adds up to more than 100 percent because some respondents answered questions more than once) admit to trying it, but don’t plan on telling anyone.

Some responding think the gender imbalance also influences the behavior of those who do find dates.

One anonymous female complains that because male students are “well aware of their advantage,” they would “rather opt for casual sexual encounters….

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