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Medical records for such adoptees could be sketchy or incorrect—and, on the other side, American parents eager to adopt often went into the process with blinders on.

Though the relationship between the two nations had also produced many happy stories of children and their families, the situation had all the ingredients for disaster.

The Dima Yakovlev Law came just weeks after the Magnitsky Act was signed, a bit of timing that was widely remarked upon.

At that point, TIME explained that the incident had cast a shadow on all adoptions from Russia to the U.

S., as some officials demanded a complete halt to the practice.

The last few weeks have been yet another a reminder that, while parents may rightfully concentrate on how this debate will affect the fates of individual children, the complications that surround international adoption can affect the whole world.

This page will give you information on the children you will find most often available for adoption in Russia.

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