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Nasa has said this pairing makes the two planets look 'like a brilliant double star'. Images show the two planets 16 arcminutes - or half the width of the full moon - apart during the rare conjunction.

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The view over London of Jupiter and Venus rising is incredible! Conjunctions between Venus and Jupiter take place around once every 13 months.

But today's meeting was rare because the two planets approached unusually close to one another.

Joe Rao, a skygazing expert and lecturer at New York's Hayden Planetarium, told 'Using a computer program, I've found that over the next 100 years, up until the year 2117, Venus and Jupiter will come within 21 arc minutes or less of each other just 24 times.'In fact, most of these events will occur during the daytime; only two will occur during twilight or in a dark sky.

Here are some pictures of Venus and Jupiter this morning. Oy Lbx LRr— Brad Timerson (@btimerson) November 12, 2017Neither planet has risen for observers in the US yet, with the display scheduled for am GMT (am ET) for East coast skygazers.

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