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MYTH: "People who self-injure are, 'crazy,' and should be locked up."FACT: Hospitalizing a person who self-injures is a form of over-reaction to fear for their well-being.The overwhelming majority of people who self-injure do so in ways that are not life-threatening, and the injuries often do not require medical treatment.Self-Injury does not involve a conscious attempt to kill one's self; although it does involve a deliberate physical injury to one's self.Unlike intentional acts such as excessive drinking and smoking, Self-Injury includes acts of self-harm that are done without the intention of harming one's self to such an extent.

People have individual methods of self-injury, as well as different tolerance for pain.

Persons who self-injure are many times misunderstood by healthcare workers.

People who self-injure have reported being treated poorly by healthcare workers such as counselors, and doctors and nurses in emergency rooms.

They don't want their self-injury to be discovered; in fact - they often dread anyone discovering it.

If a person is feeling enough distress in their life, or feeling so ignored that they would self-injure; something is definitely wrong in their life, and it is not the time to make moral judgments concerning their behavior.

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