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You might light up a room when you enter it, but since you likely don't realize it, you prefer to light up your own quiet room, instead.

Although an annual dose of inspiration is found watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, you truly look up to the women in your life who you believe are beautiful on the inside and out.... Do you think you might be suffering from ugly duckling syndrome?

When out and about minding your own business, you're put off by eye contact with strangers.

You become defensive and take the stare as an assumed insult, rather than what it truly is: a compliment.

Looking back, I’m not sure if I was actually so hideous, but I certainly felt like an ugly duckling, and one thing’s for sure: the word “beautiful” never figured into my identity. If someone thought I was mean-spirited, lazy, or ignorant, things like that would hurt me, because those are accusations about who I am, not what I look like. Being smart, funny, caring, and passionate–these things come from within. Other people largely get to decide that for you, and if you consider your outer beauty to be your defining feature, there is always the possibility that it can be taken away from you. I never defined myself as beautiful because no one else did, but as I grew up and learned to love myself, I started to feel beautiful. What I don’t love is the way we women are often treated as nothing more than their outer shell, and what’s worse–when women buy into this idea themselves.

It took a long time for me to finally feel like a swan. Don’t get me wrong, it sucked being called ugly, and I cried myself to sleep about it many times. That is something that no one can ever take away from me. I have friends who are strikingly beautiful, who have always been beautiful, but have a hard time embracing the fact that they have so much more to offer the world than their looks. Life isn’t easy for an ugly duckling, but once you’re on the other side of that experience, it is so valuable.

You're much more comfortable being the simple, makeup-free you, and when beauty is expected for special occasions, you feel anxious and nervous.

You have difficulty fathoming how other women leverage their beauty in immoral ways, and the thought of such immorality gets your head spinning and tummy feeling woozy.Well, as it turns out, there's no need to pay a visit to your therapist, since the benefits are clearly much greater than the side effects.Just keep being the beautiful swan you are, and keep putting forth the many great lessons you learned as an ugly duckling.Because you had no choice as a child but to turn inward to find your beauty, you now look for the same in others.You judge a book by what's inside, not the pretty cover.

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You won't be friends with someone just because he or she is pretty and popular.

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