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Following this, I tried the current version of HP Download Manager again, and was able to upgrade to A.08.32, and then A.08.40.

Now my Jet Direct has the newest firmware for its model.

With my experience, it only seems to be with older firmware (A.03.03, A.03.06, and perhaps more) on the J2550A J2552A. You need to specify the SNMP Set Community Name on the Jet Direct card before you will be able to upgrade it.

I don't have a BOOTP and TFTP server set up on my Free BSD server, so I looked for a quick fix.

At this point, anything that can save time and make up for the under-staffing is very welcome.

You need to go through the steps using a piece of software like this, or any other that you have access to, and tell the BOOTP server to send the printer a config file, like such: name: printername location: 1st Floor contact: Contact Person get-community-name: public set-community-name: public subnets-local: on old-idle-mode: off This will set the printer's SNMP Set Community Name to public.The software would not recognize the IPX/SPX stack on Windows NT 4 or Windows 2000.What happened for me, once I had this software installed, was that I was finally able to upgrade the firmware on the Jet Direct card I have.It seems like the new HP Download Manager does not work with the older firmware, and it was pure luck that I found reference to the software and firmware files on this web page.This is why I felt I should write up a quick web page about it, just incase anyone has a Jet Direct J2550A J2552A that they are unable to upgrade.

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This page is for anyone who is having trouble upgrading a Jet Direct card with a very old firmware version. I recently purchased a used HP Laser Jet 4M and a Jet Direct J2550A with part number J2550-60001. I wanted to upgrade it to the most recent J2550A revision, which is A.05.05.

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