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Take note of the most popular search terms and variations in phrasing and wording.

Go back to your content and try to beef up your post title, content, meta description and tags with those popular terms/phrases.

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Even Great Content Can Go Unnoticed We would like to think after hitting “publish” on a new post that the seas will part, angels will sing and Moses will lead customers straight into our shopping carts. In reality, the only people who know your post is there are you and your RSS subscribers.

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Plaxo – Although not as popular, Plaxo is another great business networking site that makes it really easy to “add a feed” and plug in your blog content automatically.Ning Community Sites – If any of your fishing holes are built on the Ning platform, you can plug in your feed using the “Add RSS” widget included on your profile page.Other Social Networking Sites – There are many other social sites that allow you to plug in your blog’s RSS feed. This step used to only apply to posting links on Twitter, but with the addition of analytics (click-through tracking) on many of the URL shortening services, posting a shortened URL on any of your social sites is a smart strategy.Blog adultes est un blog de sexe amateur qui propose des contributions coquines d’amatrices gratuitement chaque jour.Vous retrouverez des photos sexe de femme et de couple qui s’exhibent fièrement et coquinement sur mon blog pour adultes.

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