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The Party alone, however, controls the domestic propaganda output, even by the People’s Army to its own soldiers… Note: Propaganda to the non-Korean elements of the UN forces by the North Korean is in the hands of a specially constituted sub-organization of the Party’s Central Committee, which maintains its own facilities for the implementation of the central policy Perhaps one of the most important reference documents in regard to Allied PSYOP in Korea is the declassified secret technical memorandum, US Psywar Operations in the Korean War, written by George S.Pettee under the auspices of the Operations Research Office (ORO) of the Johns Hopkins University.In general, the quality of the leaflet, the inarticulate language used, and the political rhetoric made most of the leaflets laughable and unsuccessful.Believe it or not, these are POWs Since we mention the North Korean promises of good treatment, note that this leaflet coded 196 says in part: It is widely known by now that the Korean People’s Army and the Chinese People’s Volunteers are generous to prisoners of war.In regard to Communist propaganda Pettee says: The conduct of psywar by the enemy has been marked by his usual highly professional skill in revolutionary propaganda and agitation.The enemy psywar operation differs from the American in many respects, and is far more elaborate and intensive in the aggregate.

Other leaflets told the Americans of the good treatment they would receive in a North Korean prison camp.Robbs records the titles of 59 different leaflets that he has seen, including: “ Its money or your life;” “ Old soldiers never die but young ones do” and “ Death in vain on T-Bone Hill.” He adds: The number and variety of enemy leaflets to American and British troops is much greater than commonly believed… In addition, great numbers were addressed to the Republic of Korea forces and occasional disseminations made to troops from Puerto Rico, Turkey, etc.The North Koreans also used the radio as a media of propaganda.Intelligence reports that North Korean consolidation propaganda, though conducted by the military to a large extent, is totally subject to control by the Party Committee in each province or town.Only in straight combat propaganda both the enemy soldiers and enemy population does the North Korean military propaganda apparatus exercise its own discretion in the implementation of Party policies.

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