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Many men are conditioned to expect an instant click, and when they don't feel it, they move on.

This isn't a good way to date, but it's a mistake people repeatedly make, and that's part of the reality of Western society.

I am overweight and I understand that most guys are not interested in dating an overweight woman in spite of all the positive things she has to offer.

What I don't understand is this: Sometimes I go out with guys who have been told beforehand that I am overweight. Were they just looking for the chance to reject someone?

We wonder if you are doing enough for yourself, by expressing your creativity and interests through classes, clubs, community work and other emotionally and intellectually stimulating activities.

We also suggest that when you date in the future, you enlist the help of a trusted married friend to be your dating mentor.

We agree with your suggestion as to what they should say.

So if you find that the majority of the time you are not asked out on a second date, it's time to consider the possibility that there is something in your own behavior that turns dates off. You'd be surprised how apparent this feeling is to others, even when someone thinks she is masking it, and you may not realize how uncomfortable this undercurrent makes other people feel.

Even if you are not unconsciously expressing your hurt, you may be doing something else to sabotage yourself without realizing it.

The dating maze is just as uncomfortable for men as for women, and most men don't want to waste their time going out with someone unless they believe she may be suitable.

There are a few reasons why you may not get calls back from men.

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