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RELATED: EXPLORE GRANADA ON THIS 10-DAY TRIP THROUGH NICARAGUA & COSTA RICA For the outdoor enthusiasts among you, the surrounding district is the site of volcanoes, lakes, lagoons, and cloud forests.

Take a boat tour of Lake Nicaragua, known colloquially as Cocibolca, in a semi-covered pancha boat.

Dating back to the 16th century, the city was an important trade post and port for Spanish transport of silver and gold from the Americas.

Similar to places in Central America like Panama City, Granada’s strategic location made it a prime spot for explorers, conquistadors and pirates.

Add a few stints of plunder by pirates – Captain Morgan himself is known to have paid the city a visit – and you have quite a city with quite a calamitous story behind it.

While it’s colonial history gains it a lot of notoriety, the surrounding region bears a heritage that extends far before Spanish conquest.

There is a rich cultural background of indigenous peoples worth learning about during your visit as well.

Nicaragua has its share of quirky museums dedicated to recounting indigenous lore and ways of life, so familiarizing yourself with it tends to be equal parts informative and intriguing.

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