We are dating now episode 16

Joan takes credit because her awful family just keeps rubbing off on her.Jamie demands his family join him in the backyard quick.Herbert takes the news that Jamie hasn't found her yet really badly, so Jamie decides to double pimp out his sister. Jamie goes back to the kitchen, where Vicki and Ernie are arm wrestling, and that bored look Vicki has is just everything.I love it when the robot is just so over the situation.

Harriet asks, "You wouldn't do that to me, would you?Ernie tells Vicki to give him five, and she punches him in the stomach because she learned affection from watching Joan. The doorbell rings and Jamie leaves the lovebirds to find out who it is.It's Herbert, who wants to know if Jamie was able to find him his blonde bombshell.Joan is worried about Jamie having to deal with Ernie, but Ted says they need to stay out of it.Joan is just regretful the computer dating service didn't work out because it was such a cute idea.

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