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All items received are kept for a minimum of two weeks at the airport's lost and found. Department of State, Passport Services, and Consular Lost/Stolen Passport Section.

They are then processed and transported to the City & County of Denver's General Services City Surplus warehouse and are retained for another two weeks. All other personal documents that we are unable to return will be destroyed.

Be sure you have chosen the correct category for your item, as this is also very important.

Our office is located in the main Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, northwest corner, next to international arrivals.

If you prefer to have your item shipped, we will provide acceptable options for shipping to your location.

If you have lost reading glasses and you know someone might describe them as readers, you might want to indicate that you have lost your "reading glasses or readers".

Also, take care to select the right category to which your lost item belongs.

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