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Often they will escalate the argument so the best approach is to let them talk it out and then take some time and space to think about it.Virgos love to focus on the details and analyse everything you say so the trick is to avoid supplying them with the details.We invite you to join our astrology dating site to help you find your soul mate or twin flame.Based not only on astrological birth data, we use a variety of tools, including the Love Calculator which is proprietary formulas.Tigar recommends having any intense chats over a candlelit dinner at home with their favourite meal and drink.Gemini's love to talk - communication is in their nature - so they'll want to go over and over any disagreements.Speaking to Martha Stewart Weddings, Kim Tigar broke down each star sign's characteristics and how to handle them if things turn sour.Cancers have a huge heart, which makes them extremely sensitive.

Using astrology, you can find out those little quirks or major stumbling blocks, to learn how to resolve differences and get back to having fun with your Love. Learn about your inner most secrets, your career, family, creative self expression, and be more confident in your life.The best approach is a slow and steady one - and be prepared for an emotional outburst on their part.Tigar recommends hugging it out and reassuring them that you love them.Are you single and want to meet astro-matches for you?Or are you dating someone and want to know if the two of you are a good match for marriage?

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Aries: Let them lead the conversation Cancer: Hug it out and reassure them Libra: Fight clean Capricorn: Talk through your facts carefully Taurus: Lower the tone of your voice Leo: Appeal to their ego Scorpio: Choose the setting Aquarius: Keep things drama-free Gemini: Let them talk it out Virgo: Make one solid point Sagittarius: Discuss it over a walk Pisces: Give them the attention they need As the sign of the bull, Taurus can be extremely stubborn and will often refuse to discuss matters of importance.

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