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If the Book of Mormon is true, then there would be certain logical consequences: Studies of the blood types, facial shape, and genetic makeup of modern-day Native Americans would show that they were related closely to the ancient Israelites, and thus to present-day Jews.

These might indicate some form of contact between people in the two areas. Just because no artifacts have been found that support the Book of Mormon, that is no proof that future artifacts will not be found which verify the book.These people, the Jaredites, eventually died out circa 600 BCE with a massive battle at Hill Comorah in what is now upper New York State.The second and third migrations occurred circa 600 BCE, between the times of the Assyrian and Babylonian victories over the Israelites.However, their arrival date in the new world was about 10,000 BCE or earlier.Thus, the migration is unrelated to activities in the Book of Mormon.

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No evidence has been found for a migration during the time span that the Book discusses.

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