Direct tv guide is not updating

Hi i did a factory reset and after two update of smart hub the tv work just fine.i have wait two days to make sure that the problem is definitly gone.I go to search for wifi and it sometimes shows up quick then disappears most of the time nothing shows up.Contacted Samsung and went through 2 hours of support to no avail.I don't think that the wifi just gien up I think there can be a fix if they give us a update.

So, here is my description of the issue I'm experiencing and I apologize for not using correct language.

I asked them about 1056 firmware and they have no clue about it.

I have emailed them to see if there will be a fix as I have found a few others with our same problem after updating but they have not contacted me back.

Finally, they wanted to try resetting the tv back to factory settings.

After doing this and going thru the initial tv setup questions, the tv seemed to find and connect to my network again (don't recall seeing any of the nearby networks on the list though). But, the following morning I tried getting on smart hub to listen to Pandora and once again the network connection issue was back.

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