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The Manual contains guidelines for Examining Attorneys and materials in the nature of information and interpretation, and outlines the procedures which Examining Attorneys are required or authorized to follow in the examination of trademark applications.Trademark Examining Attorneys will be governed by the applicable statutes, the Trademark Rules of Practice, decisions, and Orders and Notices issued by the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Commissioners, or Deputy Commissioners.The telegraph became even more important when it was heavily used during the Second World War.The history of the printing press dates back to the 1400s, when Johannes Guternberg created a model based on primitive versions already in use.Many telephone operators were also later replaced by self-dialing systems.After the invention of the telegraph, some inventors started attempting ways to create a wireless version of the same machine.Today’s younger generations tend to be less familiar with the act of writing a letter and even refer to it as snail mail. However, many businesses and private citizens still use it as a more formal means of communication.

Humans are naturally very social beings and the way we communicate is vital aspect of our lives.

One man, Samuel Morse, who was actually working as a painter at the time, received a letter that his wife was fatally ill.

In the time it took for him to receive the letter and then return home from her, she had already passed away.

However in 1876, one man, Alexander Graham Bell, did succeed legally by securing a patent for version of the telephone, and so he is remembered best in association with this invention.

Several decades earlier, telephone-type devices required the listener to speak and listen through the same piece.

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More importantly, communicating over long distances is something that people once struggled with, but thanks to recent advances in technology, it is much easier for us today.

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