Good things about dating ugly guys

As the night wore on, he slumped to one side and eventually toppled off his barstool.

When she raced around to make sure he was OK, the plump patron immediately resumed his pick-up patter — from the floor.

The first thing I noticed was the hostile body language the girls had towards him as I got closer and then suddenly, out of nowhere I saw one of them throw a drink in his face after he said said something that I couldn’t really hear.

He walked away with a snarky douchebag sounding laugh that kind of reminded me of this pretentious guy I worked with at this country club I bartended during one of the summers back during early college years.

Before I could walk over and ask those girls what was going on, my student popped up right behind me and told me that the girls he was conversing with had somewhere else to be which was a clear signal to me that he got rejected.

The job always comes first and so I refocused my energy on him, cleaned up some mechanics, and moved him back into the next set before his anxiety could take over again.

As he was conversing again with another group of pretty girls, I decided to step back and go try and find those girls who threw a drink into the anti-Ryan Gosling’s face when all of a sudden I saw them chatting with this stocky and somewhat portly guy that had the appearance of a young Danny De Vito but was well groomed and dressed to the nines.

It boils down to what you believe about yourself, your values, your belief systems, and the ability to cope and bounce back from the curve balls life throws at you.Developing that killer instinct and having a strong presence takes time but with enough consistent effort, you won’t second guess or doubt your ability to be the best version of yourself.Internal confidence is genuine, it’s something that’s attractive, and the aim is to learn to build the mindsets and reaffirm to yourself that you’re more than capable of being attractive.He introduced him and in my mind I was thinking “Oh shit, game over.”What actually ended up happening was, his friend winged him perfectly and kept her friend company as he went in to move the pretty brunette that threw her drink into the anti-Ryan Gosling’s face earlier to the lounge area of the bar.To make a long story short, as my bootcamp session with my student was coming to an end for the night, as we were both heading towards the bar’s exit I turned over to where the young Danny De Vito doppelganger took the pretty brunette. It blows my mind when I see these kind of things and I absolutely hate it when I see men, especially naturally handsome men with great careers and home lives come into my classes and come up with bullshit excuses that all that women want in a man is looks, money, and being a complete douchebag.

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