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Some composers, like Archangelo Corelli (1653-1713), always used the same instruments in the includes solo flute [originally recorder], trumpet, violin, oboe, and continuo.(The continuo is never omitted, as it provides the harmonic foundation of the entire piece.) The trumpet part is very virtuosic, written to employ a style of playing known as “clarino playing,” in which the trumpeter played in the highest range of the instrument, and used quickly-changing lip pressure to change the pitch of the instrument.

Not much is known about the exact test done on the instruments, but anything below 20 was considered an exceptionally tight fit.

The instruments discussed here are for a different purpose.

By their design, they can more appropriately be considered for drum and bugle corps uses, so this article refers to them as bugles.

As a matter of policy, the author does not divulge the names of owners who wish to remain anonymous. Figure 3: FT9 Shop Card The shop card shows some interesting features, and it opens the door for general discussion about all 11 bugles.

Figure 1: Field Tenor Bugle FT9 Obvious features of the bugle are its extensive tubing, a single valve positioned for the right-hand thumb, two water keys and a two-piece bell (see seam about four inches from the bell opening). All of these bugles were made with some features similar to Bach trumpets.

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