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That same tweet also had a picture of her kissing Valderrama.

“He’s loved me the way I never thought I deserved to be loved and with this day marking my 3rd year sober…

Cody described it as "the most up and down night of my life" because his car broke down while he was on his way to pick her up.

Her latest album, Confident was a smash-hit, she’s making her debut as a Smurfette in the upcoming Smurfs flick and most importantly, she celebrated five years of sobriety. But we’ll just focus on her dating history for now and who Demi Lovato’s boyfriend is in 2017.

However, it was an amiable split and Trace had only good things to say about her.

Fans found evidence of their breakup the same way they did about their relationship, on Twitter.

They first met on the set of Camp Rock, and she later toured with the Jonas Brothers for a year. We don’t know, but it was the perfect Disney romance until it ended.

After the Jonas Brothers disbanded and Lovato checked into rehab for her drug and eating disorder issues, Joe opened up that it was her addiction issues that led to their breakup.

Cody’s patrilineal line can be traced back to his great-great-great-great-grandfather, Joseph Robert Linley, who was born, c. Cody’s paternal grandfather was Travis Keith Linley (the son of Russell Francis Linley and Yvonne Abbott). Donna was the daughter of Ezra Webster Buckelew and Mary Anna Ferguson. Census – https://Genealogy of Cody’s maternal great-grandmother, Donna Maye Buckalew – maternal great-grandfather, Robert Fowler Isaacs, on the 1920 U. When they broke up is not known, but after their breakup, it was revealed they wrote songs about each other.While De Leon’s “Crown” is supposedly about Demi, the lyrics of “Catch Me” by Lovato are dedicated to him.Cody’s paternal grandmother is Lillie Mae Cox (the daughter of Edward William Cox and Margie Lee Rhodes). Katherine was the daughter of John Franklin O’Harrow and Lucindy Evelyn Gibson. Sources: Genealogy of Cody Linley (focusing on his father’s side) – of Cody’s paternal grandfather, Travis Keith Linley – of Cody’s paternal grandfather, Travis Keith Linley (focusing on his own mother’s side) – of Cody’s paternal great-grandmother, Margie Lee Rhodes – of Cody Linley (focusing on his mother’s side) – of Cody’s maternal great-grandfather, D.

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Joe is also one of the reasons Lovato doesn’t get along with Taylor Swift (we all know the infamous 27-second phone breakup).

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