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For some, Britain’s imperial past is a source of patriotic pride; for others, a stain on the national conscience.However, while the official government archive might have been expected to have taken a neutral stance, it has withdrawn a series of...There is no good time to sack a deputy prime minister, but last night was just about the best point in the 49-day investigation for Theresa May to dismiss Damian Green.When The Times reported that Kate Maltby was accusing Mr Green of an inappropriate advance, Westminster and the Conservative Party were in the grip...Britain has developed sophisticated cyberweapons capable of crippling a hostile state, GCHQ has revealed amid warnings that Russia is launching more aggressive online attacks.Assaults on US central command, Twitter accounts...Fabrics such as nylon parchment (a durable stiff very smooth material often used as an underskirt for supporting a bouffant slip’s layers of nylon horse hair netting, and taffeta and organza from soft to stiff; also tulle, usually in layers of fine nylon netting, usually without a bottom edge binding and used extensively as a simple “filler” type of petticoat under wedding gowns and for their veils, and under a ballerina’s tutu; also chiffon, an overskirt of light material, made with a slightly rough nylon weave that produces an exciting “whispering” sound as it moves over the smoother and harder finished material of a gown or fancy cocktail dress (sometimes called an “evening dress”) under it.

One look at Sweeney with his pencil-thin moustache and oily looking slicked black hair and Lilith sized him up as a pathetic little bureaucrat with an inflated ego.To make the whole business even more unpleasant, the lecherous Sweeney kept leering at Lilith during the entire time they were there.Lilith regarded Sweeney as if he was some sort of barnyard animal, and returned his leering with a look as would split rocks (an Irish expression)!The horrible cheap polyester fabric that always gets pulls and a balling up of its fibers isn’t used for making clothes yet except as an insulating material for winter coats.Nylon tricot (a French word, pronounced tree-ko) lingerie, having a silky feel and appearance to it, is now easily manufactured, and closely resembles expensive silk.

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Both women were prettily dressed for the occasion, wearing full dresses with petticoats under them, their hair pinned up in a bun at the back of the head called a chigon (a French word, pronounced chen-nyohn with the last syllable given a nasal pronunciation).

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