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In 1876 a Mississippi River flood cut off the large meander flowing past Vicksburg, leaving limited access to the new channel. Between 18, the Anchor Line, a prominent steamboat company on the Mississippi River from 1859 to 1898, operated a steamboat called the City of Vicksburg.In the first few years after the Civil War, white Confederate veterans developed the Ku Klux Klan, beginning in Tennessee; it had chapters throughout the South and attacked blacks and their supporters. By the mid-1870s, new white paramilitary groups had arisen in the Deep South, including the Red Shirts in Mississippi, as whites struggled to regain political and social power over the black majority.Vicksburg is the only city and county seat of Warren County, Mississippi, United States.

Its location atop a high bluff overlooking the Mississippi River proved otherwise impregnable to assault by federal troops.The Natchez spoke a language isolate not related to the Muskogean languages of the other major tribes in the area.Before the Natchez, other indigenous cultures had occupied this strategic area for thousands of years.The surrender of Vicksburg by Confederate General John C.Pemberton on July 4, 1863, together with the defeat of General Robert E.

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As was the custom, they took a number of women and children as captives.

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