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He then moved on to oversee the amalgamation of several enforcement units into a single unit then known as the National Enforcement unit.

He was promoted in this period to the role of manager.

EDINBURGH — KPMG is at the centre of allegations that it has helped the Gupta family in various ways to access state funds and dodge tax.

Senior KPMG employees attended the controversial Gupta family wedding at Sun City.

This is the account of how KPMG played a role in developing cruel fake narratives against individuals who have worked against criminal activity and corruption.KPMG has moved to distance itself from the state capture scandal, by issuing a half-hearted apology and making moves to institute an investigation into its graft-linked activities in South Africa.Some of its clients have cut ties with KPMG as its name becomes synonymous with corruption; however, many corporate leaders are standing back to wait for more evidence of wrongdoing before taking a stand against KPMG for its sins.By 2010 he was promoted to Group Executive: Enforcement (grade 8), and he oversaw the alignment and functioning of 5 units, namely, National Projects (which was an amalgamation of the National Enforcement Unit and various other smaller type enforcement units), Central Projects (which joined a special debt management team, the team that was involved in the famous “Dave King” case, and the older Significant Case Management Unit), Evidence Management and Technical Support (which consisted of specialised skills in audit, tax, Customs, criminal investigations and liaison with law enforcement agencies and a world class IT forensic laboratory), the then renamed High-risk Investigations Unit (formerly known as the Special Projects Unit in 2007, renamed National Research Group in 2008), and finally the Tactical Intervention Unit, which was transferred from the Customs Border Control Unit.During the majority of 2012, our client did not manage any units and served as advisor to the Chief Officer for the Tax and Customs Enforcement division.

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