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Chapter 3, “Men and Marriage,” is Mark’s effort to exhort men to grow up, take responsibility, and be the godly servant leaders that God has called them to be in their homes.

If you are one of those people who do not know that the world has changed sexually, read this chapter not to argue or fight, but rather to learn about how to be a good missionary in this sexualized culture, able to answer people’s questions without blushing (p. In my view, these remarks start the whole conversation off on the wrong foot.Before I do that, I should warn you that some of the material you are about to read is of a sexual nature and may be offensive. ” Chapter Chapter 10 of will most certainly prove to be the most controversial chapter of the book. ,” and the Driscolls fill-in the blank of the chapter title with a variety of sexual activities that are sometimes considered taboo.I have tried to summarize and critique as discreetly as possible, but I think that there are still some things here that might raise eyebrows. The chapter goes on to describe these activities in explicit detail, and then the authors give an ethical assessment of each activity for Christians.than it is a workbook for a kind of self-directed marriage retreat.Some Areas of Appreciation Even though I have some theological and pastoral disagreements with this book, I am grateful for some significant common ground. Mark’s challenge to men in chapter 3 is one of the strongest exhortations to biblical manhood that I have ever read.

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, Mark and Grace share candidly about the significant sexual brokenness that afflicted the early years of their own marriage and about how the Lord delivered them from it.

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