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Details of the slump tell their own story: roughly 4.5 million people are on social-housing waiting lists in England and it is estimated that private-sector rents will increase by almost 20 per cent over the next five years.The proportion of people owning their own homes, meanwhile, is expected to fall from a high of 72.5 per cent in 2001 to 63.8 per cent in 2021.To Get back to the Sly channel numbers Press SAT LIST on your Satellite Remote then press EXIT, your channels will be back to the usual Sly numbers (i.e.BBC ONE on 101, BBC TWO on 102, ITV on 103 etc) 03/06/2016 Hillsong moved transponders Jewelry Maker Changed Transponders Made In Cardiff Changed Transponders BT Sport HD Channels Swapped with SD and now Skipped 01/06/2016 List Dated 25/05/2016 remade due to problems on some boxes Smash Hits (362) renamed to Box Hits Heat (364) renamed to Box Upfront Box Upfront (364) moved to 359 The Box (359) moved to 360 Box Hits (362) moved to 361 4Music (360) moved to 362 Kiss (361) moved to 363 Magic (363) moved to 364 BT Sport SD Changed Transponders BT/ESPN SD Changed Transponders The Follow alterations were made in addition to the list dated 25/05/2016 Church Channel Renamed Hillsong True Crime Moved Transponders Playboy TV Hot Renamed xxx Public Pik Up 25/05/2016 Smash Hits (362) renamed to Box Hits Heat (364) renamed to Box Upfront Box Upfront (364) moved to 359 The Box (359) moved to 360 Box Hits (362) moved to 361 4Music (360) moved to 362 Kiss (361) moved to 363 Magic (363) moved to 364 BT Sport SD Changed Transponders BT/ESPN SD Changed Transponders 18/05/2016 Absolute CR renamed Classic Rock and moved Transponders Absolute80s renamed Absolute 80s and moved Transponders Abs Rad 90s renamed Absolute 90s and moved Transponders Absolute moved transponders BON TV moved Transponders Daystar Removed EMAN CHANNEL added to 857 05/05/2016 Channel 5 and Channel 5 HD swapped (as Channel 5 HD is not clear) Showcase 1 renamed Showcase 3 Filmon TV renamed Fo TV and changed transponder Sky Intro on 998 is now HD 28/04/2016 Al Jazeera Eng Moved Transponder LOVEWORLD TV Changed transponder Kiss (Radio Channel) Moved Transponder Magic (Radio Channel) Moved Transponder 11/04/2016 PBS America Changed Transponders Al Arabiya Changed Transponders 05/04/2016 Africa Channel Removed from 209 BBC Two England moved from 142 to 141 BBC Alba moved from 143 to 142 BBC Four moved from 211 to 143 CNN HD Test added to 1208 04/04/2016 OH TV removed (channel now online only) Your TV moved from 275 to 199 GEO TEZ Changed Transponders MUTV HD Changed Transponders Insight HD added to 279 Colors & Bangla TV swapped Channel Numbers 31/03/2016 BBC Three SD & HD removed from 115 and 210 (now online) BBC 1 SD moved from 141 to 115 Faith World TV Moved Transponders KICC TV Moved Transponders Wellbeing Moved Transponders Playboy TV Chat Moved Transponders 30/03/2016 CHS TV Moved Transponders Made in Bristol Moved Transponders Made in Leeds Moved Transponders Made in Cardiff Moved Transponders ATN Bangla Moved Transponders Ahlebait TV Moved Transponders OH TV Moved Transponders Talking Pictures Moved Transponders HUM EUROPE Moved Transponders Xpanded TV Moved Transponders 22/03/2016 True Crime & True Crime 1 added to 185 and 186 (replaces More Movies 1) Front Runner has been added to 468 Showcase 3 has now been renamed as Showcase and moved to 212 Showcase 1 added to 261 Unfortunately, I will be unable to update the channel list again until around 31st March 2016, lets hope there arent too many changes between now and then!Over the past few weeks, The Independent on Sunday has visited some of this country's most unique homes, from a self-defined, intentional, rural commune committed to sustainable living and a low-carbon lifestyle, to looser communities in which a shared kitchen, cooking rota and monthly work day are the extent of their communal living.Their inhabitants represent a wide range of society: from members of radical collectives who eschew all forms of property ownership to developers and middle-class families who simply yearn for the community dynamic of years past.) 01/04/2015 ESPN HD on 417 Moved transponders 31/03/2015 53700 Test added to 1238 53705 Test added to 1239 53710 Test added to 1240 53715 Test added to 1241 53720 Test added to 1242 53725 Test added to 1243 53730 Test added to 1244 53796 ESPN HD Test added to 1246 4646 Sky News Arabia Test added to 1247 55202 Channels TV Test added to 1248 9604 TV3 Ireland 1 Test added to 1249 Jewellery Ch.

HD LFCTV HD Sky Insider HD Anytime 3 HD Playboy TV Chat Hot Chat TV UCB TV moved to test as removed from EPG UCB UK Radio Moved to End of Radio EPG as no longer broadcasting 01/07/2015 MUTV Changed Transponders Babestation renamed Babenation Redlight 1 renamed Flirt and Chat and moved to 943 Xpanded TV 2 renamed Hot Chat TV and moved to 931 Climax moved to 943 Xpanded TV moved to 931 30/06/2015 The following channels have moved transponder: BT Sport 1 HD UK BT Sport 1 HD in Pubs BT Sport 2 HD UK BT Sport 2 HD in Pubs BT Sport Europe HD BT Sport Europe HD in Pubs Investigation Discovery UK Animal Planet 1 Discovery Science 1 Discovery Max Discovery Max 1 Investigation Discovery 1 Quest 1 Discovery History 1 Discovery Shed TLC 1 Discovery Home & Health 1 TLC 2 Pavers Shoes TV Geo News ARY Digital V Channel Made in Tyne & Wear Samaa Talking Pictures Zee TV Zee Cinema Zing Zee Punjabi &TV Babes From TV Faith World TV Xpanded TV ATN Bangla UK CHSTV Ahlebait TV OHTV KICC TV Hum Europe Word Network Made In Bristol Made In Cardiff Made In Leeds Xpanded TV 2 Fashion One 50662 BT Sport 1 HD 50663 BT Sport 1 HD 50682 BT Sport Europe HD 50683 BT Sport Europe HD 52470 ID 52476 ID 1 The following Radio Channel have also moved: WRN Europe Absolute 70s Ahomka RD TWR Desi Radio Rainbow Kanshi Radio Liberty Absolute 80s Classic Rock Absolute 90s Jazz FM Absolute Solar Radio 25/06/2015 The following channels have moved transponder: Sikh Channel Brit Asia Colors Sky Movies Box Office 4 Sky Movies Box Office 14 Sky Movies Box Office 16 Sky Movies Box Office 17 Sky Movies Box Office 18 Sky Movies Box Office 44 Sky Movies Box Office Preview Sky Movies Box Office 55 Real Lives 1 Challenge 1 Challenge UK Challenge ROI Forces TV Challenge FSAT Challenge 1 FSAT TV3 1 12150 ITV Test added to 1242 12155 ITV Test added to 1243 24/06/2015 Various Transponder Moves Boomerang HD added to 636 23/06/2015 Setanta Sports 1 HD Test added to 1229 Premier Sports HD added 1236 22/06/2015 Racing UK Changed Transponder Radio Station Diamond RD renamed Ahomka RD 18/06/2015 MUTV test added to 1205 Sky News Test Added to 1210 Chelsea TV HD moved Transponder 17/06/2015 Most of Sky's Movie Channels Changed Transponder 15/06/2015 Ramadan TV added to 852 ITV Central E Moved from Test to 1018 ITV1 Regional Channels renamed to remove the 1 from ITV1 13/06/2015 Adult Channel & Playboy TV Moved Transponders Old Adult Channel & Old Playboy TV Moved to 12 Fixed Sky Intro on Channel 950 and 998 Fixed Channel 999 11/06/2015 Bnanza Bnanza Renamed Showbiz TV 09/06/2015 Old Sky Arts 2 Moved to 1210 Old Sky Arts 2 HD Moved to 1214 Old Sky 3D Moved to 1215 Sky Atlantic 1 Moved to 170 Sky 1 1 Moved to 130 Sky Living It & Sky Living It 1 Renamed to Real Lives & Real Lives 1 and moved to 172 & 173 Sky Arts 1 HD Renamed Sky Arts HD and Moved to 223 Sky Living HD Moved to 221 Sky Atlantic HD Moved to 222 Sky Arts 1 Renamed Sky Arts and Moved to 121 Sky2 Moved to 129 51120 Racing UK Test added to 1229 BT Sport Preview & HD renamed BT Sport Europe and moved to 414 & 433 BT Sport 2 & HD Moved to 417 & 457 ESPN & HD Renamed BT Sport/Espn and Moved to 426 & 458 06/06/2015 MTV Live & ?

For Joe Dunthorne, the 29-year-old author who decided to spend five weeks living in a range of communities around the UK in preparation for his second novel Wild Abandon, the desire to live communally is commonly misunderstood.

"I think one of the main battles is that people have a fully formed cliché of what that lifestyle is like and it is a cliché k that hasn't changed for 30 years.

Changes: 14/12/2017 Bangla TV renamed 92 News The following channels have changed transponders: Climax Adult Channel 2Ex Girlfriends (now Babes&Brazzers) New Vision TV 10/12/2017 Star Life OK Changed name to Star Bharat CBS Action and CBS Reality 1 swapped Channels New Vision 1 Renamed ARY Family (due to launch on Tuesday 12th Dec 17) Shopping Nation Added to 681 The Following Channels have changed Transponder: Channels 44 Propeller Rishtey Olive TV Kanshi TV Channel AKA Star Plus Adult Channel TCM 1 Eman Channel ABN TV Star Utsav Star Gold Panjab Radio Sukh Sagar Playboy TV Safeer TV Word Network Sony Max Star Bharat Kiss Magic 06/12/2017 STV2 Edinburgh Removed no longer broadcasting The following Channels have changed transponder: Create and Craft Ideal World Now 80s Takbeer TV 01/12/2017 Quest Red 1 added to 233 The following channels have changed transponder Ahlulbayt TV TJC Choice Gospel Channel Sky Intro Motor Sport TV 13/11/2017 Ahomka Radio has been renamed GN Radio The Following Channels have changed Transponder: Animal Planet 1 Discovery Science 1 Discovery Home & Health 1 Discovery Max Discovery Max 1 Investigation Discovery 1 Discovery History 1 Discovery Shed TLC 1 TLC 2 Investigation Discovery UK 02/11/2017 Fox & Flava Removed as they are no longer Broadcasting The Following Channels have Moved Transponders Travel 1 and Vintage TV Colors HD & Daystar HD Jazz FM Absolute 70s 24/10/2017 Showcase 1 Added to 290 The Following Radio Stations have changed Transponder Rainbow Radio WRN English Europe Ahonka Radio Desi Radio Kanshi Radio Liberty Radio Solar Radio 19/10/2017 GR Shop moved to 1233 (Removed from EPG) QVC Style Moved from 678 to 653 i ON TV Replaced SEE TV 18/10/2017 ID UK Fixed (was ID Ireland) 16/10/2017 The Following Channels have moved frequency Freesports Disc. Turbo 06/10/2017 The following Channels have changed Transponders Quest Quest Red Quest 1 13/09/2017 The following Channels have changed Transponders Gay Network Chatbox Ex Girlfriends & Changed Name, now 2Ex Girlfriends Front Runner & Front Runner 2 Swapped Frequencies 07/09/2017 The following Channels have changed Transponders Islam Channel Studio 66 TV2 Studio 66 TV3 Believe TV Channel 44 Climax Flow TV News 18 India Brit TV Asia 02/09/2017 Kix & Kix 1 Renamed Pop Max & Pop Max 1 25/08/2017 Quest Red 1 Removed Free Sports added to 424 eir Sport 2 HD Moved to 425 14/08/2017 DM TV Plus Removed from 799 HUM Masala added to 799 11/08/2017 Geo TEZ now Geo Kahani 02/08/2017 265 Info TV 1 Removed 266 Showbiz Tv Removed CBS Drama Moved to 269 ITV Encore HD Moved to 263 ITV3 Moved to 208 ITV Encore 1 Moved to 268 ITV4 Moved to 225 ITV2 Moved to 207 ITVBe 1 Moved to 206 ITV4 1 Moved to 193 ITV3 1 Moved to 180 ITV2 1 Moved to 179 ITVBe Moved to 149 17/07/2017 Please note the most of the channels below will not clear on anything other than an official Sky box with an official Sub Sky Sports 1 now Sky Sp Main Ev Sky Sports 2 now Sky Sp Cricket and moved to 404 Sky Sports 3 now Sky Sp Action and moved to 407 Sky Sports 4 now Sky Sp Golf and moved to 405 Sky Sports 5 Now Sky Sp PL and moved to 402 Sky Sp F'ball Added to 403 Sky Sp Areana Added to 408 Sky Sport Mix renamed Sky Sp Mix and moved to 121 Sky Arts moved to 122 Sky Living 1 Moved to 129 Sky 2 Moved to 163 Pick Moved to 164 Challenge 1 Moved to 170 Atlantic 1 Moved to 217 Sky 1 HD Moved to 221 Sky Living HD Moved to 222 Sky Atlantic HD moved to 223 Sky Arts HD Moved to 286 07/07/2017 MUTV HD Chaned Transponders 03/07/2017 Kanshi TV has been added to channel 864 Chelsea TV HD moved to 421 Chelsea TV SD removed as no longer avaliable on Satellite 27/06/2017 Showcase 1 Removed from 238 Ben Moved to 238 True Ent now on 182 True Ent 1 now on 183 True Crime now on 184 Tru TV now on 185 Tru TV 1 Added to 186 26/06/2017 Quest & Quest Red Are now Free To Air The Following Channels have changed transponder Oireachtas TV TG4 RTÉ One 1 RTÉ News Now RTÉ Radio 1 RTÉ 2FM RTÉ R na G RTÉ Lyric FM 20/06/2017 Please note some of the channels below will not clear on anything other than an official $ky Box with and Official Sub Challenge Ireland Moved Transponders GINXe Sports TV Moved Transponders Questr Red 1 Moved Transponders Baby TV Moved Transponders Nick Toons Moved Transponders BBC RB HD Moved to 980 all other RB Channels moved up one channel number RTÉ1 Moved transponders RTÉ2 Moved transponders Cartoon Network Moved Transponders Cartoon Network 1 Moved Transponders Boomerang Moved Transponders Boomerang 1 Moved Transponders CNN Moved Transponders CNN HD Moved Transponders 09/06/2017 The following Channels Moved Transponders (these channels are only clear on an Official $ky Box with an Official Subcription) Zee Cinema Nickelodeon Nickelodeon 1 Sky Sports Mix Nick Jr Sky Living 1 Lifetime 1 06/06/2017 Zing & Sky News Arabia Moved Transponders 02/06/2017 Showcase TV Moved to 238 Property Tv Moved to 198 Times Now Changed Transponder Geo News Changed Transponder Urdu1 Europe Changed Transponder ARY Digital Changed Transponder V Channel Changed Transponder Made in Tyne & Wear Changed Transponder Samaa Changed Transponder Home & Leisure Changed Transponder Zee Punkjabi Changed Transponder Flava Changed Transponder Channels that are currently NOT working on Sat Card Share Systems Comedy central extra Living & 1 UK Fox 1 TCM Eurosport 1 Eurosport 2 Sky sports box office Atlantic & 1 Chelsea tv Disney XD & 1 Disney Channel & 1 Disney Junior & 1 Sky Sports 4 & 5 & News HQ UK Sky Sports 3 & 4 & News HQ Ireland Pick Ireland Sky 1 & 2 Ireland Adult Mums Sky Sports F1 Sky 1 UK 1 Sky Sports 2 Ireland Sky Sports 1 UK Sky Sports 3 UK TV 3 (Ireland) Fox UK Cartoonito UK Sky 1 UK Sky Arts (UK) Sky Cinema Hits Sky Living Ireland Comedy Central UK RTÉ One RTÉ 2 TG 4 RTÉ News Now RTÉ Jr Oireachtas TV RTÉ One 1 Sky Sports Mix Sky News Arabia Nickelodeon UK Nickelodeon UK 1 Nick Toons UK Nick Jr UK Baby TV Europe Sky Living Ireland 1 Sky Cinema Action & Adventure Sky Cinema Comedy Sky Cinema Sci-Fi & Horror Sky Cinema Select Sky Cinema Disney Sky Cinema Family Sky Cinema Premiere Sky Cinema Premiere 1 Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller Sky Cinema Drama & Romance Sky Cinema Greats 3e LFC TV Viceland UK Ginx e Sports TV UK Zing UK Zee Cinema UK Lifetime UK 1 Crime Investigation UK 1 Real Lives 1 TV 3 1 (Ireland) Be3 History UK Fox News Channel Crime Investigation UK At The Races UK National Geographic UK National Geographic UK 1 Nat Geo Wild UK MUTV History UK 1 H2 UK Real Lives 29/05/2017 Frontrunner Changed Transponder and Moved to 469 Frontrunner 2 Added to 468 BBC RB 2-6 Added to 981 - 985 BBC RB HD Added to 986 22/05/2017 Cartoon Network & CN 1 Moved Transponder Boomerang and Boomerang 1 Moved Transponder 19/05/2017 CNN & CNN HD Moved Transponders SONY MIX added to 816 02/05/2017 Sky Sports 2 Restored to Favorites Sections ITV Border HD Corrected on Channel 1038 TRT World SD Added to 693 (officially launched on Sly) 27/04/2017 5 USA 1 Moved to 191 Spike 1 added to 219 26/04/2017 Box Nation Moved Transponder Sly Sports 2 on 402 replaced with Irish Version Sly Living on 107 replaced with Irish Version STV Glasgow now STV2 Non Working channels on Sat CS Systems Comedy central extra Living & 1 UK (Ireland OK) Fox 1 (Fox OK) TCM ( 1 OK) Eurosport 1 Eurosport 2 Sky sports box office Atlantic & 1 Chelsea tv Disney XD & 1 Disney channel & 1 Disney Junior & 1 Sly Sports 4 & 5 & News HQ UK Sly Sports 3 & 4 & News HQ Ireland Pick Ireland (UK OK) Sly 1 & 2 Ireland (UK OK) Adult Mums XXX Brits 14/04/2017 Showcase 1 Added to 198 Drama Ireland Added to 1125 Really Ireland Added to 1129 New Vision 1 Added to 863 ahead of launch on 24th April 2017 11/04/2017 Property Show Moved Transponders Sky Sports News HQ (Alt) Moved Back to 406 as now showing SSN HQ Again 31/03/2017 Sony TV Moved Transponders Zing Moved Transponders Zee Cinema Moved Transponders Zee Punjabi Moved Transponders &TV Moved Transponders Zee TV Moved Transponders 30/03/2017 New Vision TV Replaced ARY QTV on 804 SEE TV added to 862 I have swapped some of the non working channels for working Irish Alternatives Living 1 on 122 is the Irish Version Comedy central extra on 129 is the Irish Version Sky Sports 4 on 404 is the Irish Version Sky Sports News HQ on 405 is the Irish Version ************************************************** ************************************************** ********* At the moment there are reports that a few channels are not clearing and showing SCRAMBLED this is NOT a fault with the channel list its happening to all non Offical $ky boxes due to a change in the Encyption implemented by $ky Channels that are known to be not clearing are Sky Atlantic Fox 1 (Fox OK) TCM ( 1 OK) Eurosport 1 Eurosport 2 Sky sports box office Adult Channel Playboy Climax Ex GF Comedy central extra Living 1 Sky Sports 4 Sky Sports News HQ UK & Ireland Sky Sports 1 Ireland I have put these versions below in place of the normal UK version of the channels so these should work on their normal $ky Channel Numbers Comedy central extra Ireland Living 1 Ireland Sky Sports 4 Ireland Sky Sports News HQ (Alternative Version) AT THE CURRENT TIME NO-ONE KNOWS HOW TO GET THESE CHANNELS BACK, SO NO-ONE KNOWS HOW LONG THIS WILL TAKE TO FIX OR IF IT WILL EVER BE FIXED, BUT ITS VERY LIKELY THE MORE CHANNELS WILL STOP WORKING SOON. Ireland Moved Transponders 31/08/2016 CBeebies & Cbeebies HD Moved Transponders Irish TV Moved Transponders 25/08/2016 Ideal Extra Moved Transponders Create and Craft Moved Transponders 23/08/2016 Babes From TV Remove Sky Olympics Channels Removed BBC RB 1 added back to 980 Showbiz TV 1 added to 282 Ideal World moved Transponder Craft Extra moved Transponder 21/08/2016 Sky Sports Mix added to 407 Sky Sports F1 moved to 408 Sikh Channel Moved Transponders 17/08/2016 Sky Sports Mix Test added to 1209 ITV Anglia HD Changed Transponders Property Show on 239 Changed Transponders Keep it Country Changed Transponders 10/08/2016 Arise News Moved Transponder Channel 5 24 Now My5 05/08/2016 11.068V Parameters Changed BT Sport Europe Now BT Sport 3 and Moved to 417 BT Sport 2 Moved to 414 XXX Groups re-named XXX Real Wives 4095 Sky Sports 5 Ireland Test added to 1208 BBC RB Channels Renamed BBC Olympics and Moved to 480 - 487 27/07/2016 BBC Olympic HD Channels moved to 472 - 479 CBeebies HD Moved Transponder Transponder 11.385H Parameters Change 21/07/2016 4 Music Changed Transponders BBC RB0 added to 980 (currently showning Cbeebies) BBC Olympics HD 1 - 9 added to 988 - 996 (BBC Olympics HD 8 & 9 Currently Showing Cbeebies HD) 13/07/2016 AMC from BT Moved Transponders BT Sport Mosiac i2 added to 1295 BT Sport Mosiac i1 moved Transponders Nick Jr HD Moved Transponders (only avaliable on official $ky HD boxes with an official subscription) 11/07/2016 Sky Sports 1 moved to 401 Sky Sports 2 moved to 402 Sky Sports 3 moved to 403 Sky Sports 4 moved to 404 Sky Sports 5 moved to 405 Sky Sports News HQ moved to 406 Babes From TV changed Transponder Made In Bristol changed Transponder HD Changes only applicable to Official $ky HD boxes with an official subscription Sky Sports 1 HD Moved to 408 Sky Sports 2 HD Moved to 409 Sky Sports News HD moved to 440 Sky Sp N HQ HD Changed Transponder Sky Sports 1 Changed Transponder 09/07/2016 MOTORS TV UK restored to 447 Sky Showcase renamed Sky Hits (HD renamed too) 06/07/2016 TV3 HD moved transponders Disney XD HD moved transponders 05/07/2016 Setanta Sports Ireland renamed eir Sport 1 Setanta Sports 1 renamed eir Sport 2 Setanta 1 HD renamed eir Sport 2 HD Box Upfront moved transponders At The Races moved transponders Motors TV removed Babestation renamed Babenation and moved transponders Magic Moved Transponders Some HD changes (these are not avaliable on any box other than an Official $ky HD box with a valid subscription) Nick Jr.

History TLC Ireland Discovery Ireland ID Ireland 08/10/2017 The following Channels have changed Transponders Discovery Discovery 1 ID Animal Planet Disc. 28/03/2017 Alternative Sky Sports News HQ added to 1268 *** PLEASE BE AWARE THERE ARE A NUMBER OF CHANNELS THAT ARE NOT CLEARING AT PRESENT, THIS IS NOT A FAULT WITH THE CHANNEL LIST THIS IS HAPPENING ON EVERY UN-OFFICIAL SKY BOX, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM IS, BUT ALTERNATIVES TO SOME OF THE CHANNELS THAT ARE NOT WORKING CAN BE FOUND IN THE IRISH SECTION OF THE LIST FROM CHANNEL 1101 ONWARDS AND A WORKING SKY SPORTS NEWS HQ CAN BE FOUND ON CHANNEL 1268 *** 24/03/2017 Viewers Wives now xratedhookups TVXXX now TVXpornstars Red Hot now xrated40 Extreme Filth now xratedcouples 21/03/2017 Geo News Replaced Ary News on 802 Geo Tez Moved to 817 Urdu 1 added to 861 (Offical Launch on $ky this Thursday) 20/03/2017 CNC World Changed Transponders Heart 80s Replaced Heart Extra 13/03/2017 ARY Digital Removed from 791 No Longer Broadcasting Khushkhabri Radio Removed No Longer Broadcasting Quest Red Added to 162 Quest Red 1 Added to 233 Home & Heath Moved to 167 DMAX Moved to 241 DMAX 1 Moved to 242 Irish TV Removed from 191 01/03/2017 Bloomberg SD Moved to 692 Bloomberg HD added to 502 Motors TV renamed Motorsport TV 27/02/2017 Cruise Deals TV added to 680 Tru TV changed Transponders 14/02/2017 TRT World HD added to 519 TRT World SD moved to 1207 COLORS moved to 860 COLORS HD added to 786 Bangla TV moved Transponder CCTV News Renamed CGTN 07/02/2017 Sky Sports Box Office HD moved Transponder (only avaliable on Official $ky HD Box) Keep It Country moved Transponder 02/02/2017 Tru TV 1 Removed from 271 Keep It Country Changed Transponders Discovery Shed 1 added to 242 Discovery Home and Health 2 added to 241 31/01/2017 Box Upfront Fixed Magic Fixed Sky Box Office Channels Removed 24/01/2017 Aplus TV added to 859 TV99 Moved Transponders Premier Sports and Premier Sports HD Swapped Channel numbers 22/01/2017 QVC Beauty Moved Transponders QVC Extra Moved Transponders QVC Style Moved Transponders 17/01/2017 Sky Intro Channels Moved Transponder Chnl Lineup added to 996 ITV Box Office HD added to 493 (not sure if this channel will clear on non official $ky HD Boxes) 11/01/2017 TRT Word (Test) on Channel 519 Moved Transponder Sky Movies Box Office (has Closed) Channels 701-715 & 744 Moved Transponders 09/01/2017 UTV & UTVHD Removed (no Longer Broadcasting on Sat) be3 Added to 1124 Made in Bham added to 1080 Made in LPool added to 1081 06/01/2017 Peace TV Changed Transponder Sky Box Office 43 Removed Sky Box Office HD on 752 Removed 05/01/2017 Removed Storm (no longer broadcasting) Removed Sky Box Office 716 (no longer broadcasting) Peace Urdu TV Changed Transponder Discovery Shed moved from 242 to 161 Discovery Shed moved from 240 to 162 Discovery Home & Health 1 moved from 241 to 240 TRT World replaced ARISE News on 519 (not official on Sly EPG but TRT World using ARISE News Frequency) 08/12/2016 Bloomberg Moved Transponder KTV added to 858 29/11/2016 Made in Cardiff Moved Transponder Motors TV Moved Transponder DBN added to 598 15/11/2016 BON TV removed as no longer broadcasting Bangla TV moved Transponders ITV Westcountry West HD added ITV Westcountry South West HD added ITV Border England HD added ITV/Channel 4 & 5 Regions Moved around to accomodate new ITV HD Channels the new channel numbers are as follows 103 ITV London HD 131 ITV 1 London 178 ITV London SD 1012 ITV Anglia E 1013 ITV Anglia W 1014 ITV Border Engl 1015 ITV Border Scot 1016 ITV Central E 1017 ITV Central W 1018 ITV Channel Is 1019 ITV Granada 1020 ITV Meridian N 1021 ITV Meridian S 1022 ITV Meridian SE 1023 ITV Tyne Tees 1024 ITV Wales 1025 ITV Wcountry SW 1026 ITV Wcountry W 1027 ITV Yorks E 1028 ITV 1 Anglia E 1029 ITV 1 Central E 1030 ITV 1 Granada 1031 ITV 1 Meridian S 1032 ITV 1 Tyne Tees 1033 ITV 1 Wales 1034 ITV 1 Wcountry SW 1035 ITV 1 Wcountry W 1036 ITV 1 Yorkshire E 1037 ITV Anglia E HD 1038 ITV Border Engl HD 1039 ITV Central HD 1040 ITV Granada HD 1041 ITV Meridian HD 1042 ITV Tyne Tees HD 1043 ITV Wales HD 1044 ITV Wcountry SW HD 1045 ITV Wcountry W HD 1046 ITV Yorkshire W HD 1047 Channel 4 NI 1048 Channel Channel 4 SE 1050 Channel 4 Midlands 1051 Channel 4 North 1052 Channel 4 Scotland 1053 Channel 4 1 NI 1054 Channel 4 Channel 4 1 SE 1056 Channel 4 1 Midlands 1057 Channel 4 1 North 1058 Channel 4 1 Scotland 1059 Channel 5 North 1060 Channel 5 S C 1061 Channel 5 Scotland 1062 Channel 5 NI 1063 STV HD 1064 STV N 1065 STV CW 1066 STV CE 1067 STV E 1 1068 STV Glasgow 1069 STV Tayside 1070 STV Edinburgh 03/11/2016 Al Jazeera HD added to 514 Al Jazeera Eng (SD) moved to 691 27/10/2016 Propeller Changed Transponder TSID on 11.344 H changed TSID on 11.386 V changed TSID on 11.597 V changed 14/10/2016 Studio 66 Fixed 05/10/2016 B4U Movies Changed Transponder B4U Music Changed Transponder XXX Amateurs Renamed XXX Taboo 02/10/2016 True Movies 2 now True Chrstms 1 True Ent Moved to 183 True Drama now True Ent 1 and Moved to 184 29/09/2016 Arirang TV added to 690 Rishtey Cine replaces UMP Movies on 797 BBC R C Mwy added to end of Radio Channels Channel 44 replaces Muslim Ummah on 854 20/09/2016 BLAZE added to 565 TV 99 Moved Transponder 18/09/2016 Pick 1 Moved from 153 to 163 Viceland added to 153 13/09/2016 ITV3 HD & ITV4 HD Moved Transponder 06/09/2016 E! HD added to 637 12012V changed FEC from 3/4 to 8/9 Star Plus HD Moved Transponders Discovery HD Moved Transponders Fox HD Moved Transponders 04/07/2016 Film 4 Ireland added to 1130 Star Jalsha renamed Star Utsav 30/6/2016 Lifetime 1 Moved Transponder Crime Inv 1 Moved Transponder 29/06/2016 Bloomberg Moved Transponder 28/06/2016 CNN SD Moved to 579 CNN HD added to 506 FEC for 11.426 V changed to 5/6 24/06/2016 GINX e Sports TV added to 470 BBC Red Button HD Moved from 986 to 980 all other RB channels moved up one channel Sky Box Office 18 Moved Transponder 16/06/2016 Home&Leisure added to 237 3e Changed Transponders 06/06/2016 Added Alternative SD Versions of BT Sport 1, 2, Europe & ESPN to channels 1264, 1265, 1266, 1267 (for anyone having problems getting the main BT Sport SD Channels) 05/06/2016 Extra BBC Red Button Channels Added to 982 to 986 AMC From BT Swapped and HD channel skipped (as no longer working on non official Sly Boxes) S4C HD added to 280 Sky Sports News HQ (ALT) on 1261 changed Transponders Film 4 Test added to 1201 (no picture at present) We now have an ALL Channels section in Favorites which contains all of the channels together (except the Non working HD channels and the test section)with no gaps, to get to this Press FAV on your Satellite Remote then scroll up or down to the last Favorite Section (labelled Fav Group 32 or ALL CHANNELS).

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16/03/2016 Word Network Moved Transponders 15/03/2016 ITV Tyne Tees HD added to 1066 (No sound on AC3 channel at present) ITV Yorkshire West HD (No sound on AC3 channel at present) 14/03/2016 Red Hot transponder move (please note this channel only broadcasts from 10pm till 5am UK Time) 08/03/2016 Racing UK & Racing UK HD Swapped Channels 432/466 53700 True Crime Test added to 1208 53305 True Crime 1 Test added to 1216 Horror Channel Changed Transponder CBS Action Changed Transponder CBS Reality Changed Transponder 04/03/2016 Sky Sports Interactive Channels Moved to 1270 to 1287 BT Sport Extra Channels Moved to 1288 to 1293 BT Sport Mosaic Moved to 1294 MUTV HD added back to 453 (I have heard this is clearing on some boxes) Racing UK HD added to 466 Showcase Renamed Keep It Country 03/03/2016 Channel 5 HD on 171 is now clearing on some lines (list dated 02/03/2016 or later needed) 02/03/2016 xxx Big & Bouncy renamed xxx All Naturals Channels 24 Moved Transponder 29/02/2016 Heart Extra Replaces LBC in Radio Channels 24/02/2016 BT Sport 1 SD Moved Transponder 23/02/2016 BT Sport Europe SD on 433 Changed Transponder 17/02/2016 Showcase 1 renamed Showcase 3 and moved to 261 Showcase Moved to 389 16/02/2016 The Following TV Channels have moved transponders The Box 4Music KISS Smash Hits! Channel 4 IRE Channel 4 1 IRE 15/02/2016 Watch & Watch 1 Renamed W & W 1 CI & CI 1 Renamed Crime Inv & Crime Inv 1 Viva has moved from 357 to 353 MTV Dance moved from 353 to 354 MTV Rocks moved from 354 to 355 MTV Classic moved from 355 to 356 VH1 moved from 356 to 357 MTV Live on 358 renamed MTV Music 1 11/02/2016 5* renamed 5STAR 5* 1 renamed 5STAR 1 Channel 5 HD has been renamed Channel 5HD RTE2 SD Added to 1102 RTE 2 HD Moved Transponders this is no longer avaliable on non official Sly Boxes RTEjr Moved Transponders Oireachtas TV Moved Transponders Anglia East HD added to 1027 10/02/2015 RTE One and Bangla TV Changed Transponders 05/02/2016 TG4 Moved Transponder RTÉ Radio 1 Moved Transponder RTÉ 2FM Moved Transponder RTÉ Raidio na Gaeltachta Moved Transponder RTÉ Lyric FM Moved Transponder 55272 Racing UK HD Test added to 1216 26/01/2016 ?

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