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i have an older sony bdp-s300 blu ray player that i've had for years.

last night i went to watch tron on blu ray and it kept pausing.

they work on my OLD sony standard dvd player, my computer (both desktop and laptop) so i know the burns are good.

am i just out of luck that this 3 year old blu ray player is being stubborn or what? Burn at less than full rated speed and use verification.

2) It's not a booktype problem, as your TYs are DVD-R. 3) Are you certain the firmware update was fully successful? Have you unplugged the machine for a minute or so to reset it? Although some will say the disc type cleaners are useless, you might try it. on ocassion, if shrink has issues with breaking the protection, i'll use Rip It4Me 1 click method with DVD decrypter, which ultimately goes back to shrink and Nero. i've verified version 5.7 shows correctly in sony setup, plus it played tron after the update, which it didn't prior.

After installing the update user will need to reconfigure the player.i did have one i just ripped today with the same ridata ritekg05 discs that came up as "cannot play disc" so i'm not sure what's going on with that. 2 weeks later and the same dvd's i burned with the ritek discs now work.it does play in another dvd player i have so i know the rip is good and since the sony bdp-s300 plays other ritekg05 discs, it can't be the disc. on top of that, i got my order of TYG02 discs from supermediastore, tried some burns, and none work on my sony blu ray player.I'd eliminate all possible problems before trashing the Sony. i have not done verification or iso compare on burned discs.i will look into using Img Burn and see if that makes a difference, while doing verification and iso compare (though i don't know what those are yet).

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now, the wedding dvd and the most recent ripped dvd reads "cannot play disc".

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