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They have been compiled in this section for convenience.Islam as an “Abrahamic Faith” – Basic Beliefs and History Islam shares Abraham (or Ibrahim) with Judaism and Christianity as its spiritual ancestor.According to the findings of the Pew Research Center, the world population of Muslims can be broken down in the following chart. A common misconception about Muslims is that they are mostly Arab as is the common belief that Arabs are all Muslim.As indicated by the numbers above, Arabs make up no more than 20% of the world’s Muslim population with the three most populous Muslim countries being in the Asia-Pacific region of Indonesia, Pakistan, and India.

The majority are immigrants or the descendants of those who have come to the U. and Canada over the last century from around the world.This task, this burden, has been made all the more difficult in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks where different clothing brings suspicion, different religious architecture invites desecration, and different ideas on the role of the United States in the world are often viewed as politically incorrect.Yet there are many Muslims serving currently in the armed forces of the United States (around 15,000) with Muslim chaplains to help serve their spiritual needs.The rest are primarily African Americans, most of whom are Sunni Muslims..This is due to parts of the teachings of Louis Farrakhan regarding the “white race” and Judaism.

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Abraham and Hagar’s son, Ismail, marries and becomes assimilated into Arabia.

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