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Some people really like flights of fancy, feats of the imagination, bashing strange ideas against each other to see what pretty colours emerge, but I often find it's reality where the really weird stuff happens.

Take Jessie J, a hotly-topped singstress/songstress from London, who has somehow made a huge splash writing songs over in America, including - and this is the bit I really like, considering the song we're about to discuss - 'Party In The USA' by Miley Cyrus.

It’s also been interesting and encouraging to see an increasing number of stories about trans* characters, last year’s winner had a good chance of winning as soon as he saw it, this blogger refuses to make any such predictions this year.

If the last ten years have taught him anything, it’s to expect the unexpected, and his crystal ball is often far from reliable.

MUDBOUND (2017) Genre: Period drama Dir: Dee Rees Cast: Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke and Garrett Hedlund Cert: 15 Time: 134 mins In a nutshell: Two families thrash out the complexities of race relations in Second World War-era America.

Steden als Salzburg en zeker Wenen vragen om een uitgebreide stedentrip.That's MILEY CYRUS, as in Hannah Montana, as in Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, as in the nation's squeakiest cleaniest pop star (albeit one who is attempting to sexificate her image right now). But there is a clean acoustic version here, which features some very half-hearted dancing.) Over a sparse, spidery guitar loop, monolithic bass smears and a drum machine playing little other than ticks and bangs (unlike all of those other drum machines which also dispense cappuccino), Jessie grunts and cusses like a docker who's just trapped his thumb between a gunwhale and a hard place.I can't even imagine a world where the creator of that song and this song are even in a room together, let alone a skull. Her performance is brutal and sexual, like Christina Aguilera squaring up to kick 50 Cent in the goolies."Feel Good," is a record that accidentally came to life.This instrumental is the last beat that my younger brother, Haris, made before he left to medical school.

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Like Christmases, birthdays and Barbra Streisand “farewell” tours, the Iris Prize Festival is once more upon us what feels like mere weeks after it last ended. This year, Iris hits a landmark birthday and turns 10. By this blogger’s estimation, that means the most dedicated Iriseers among you will by now have watched over 300 of the best LGBT short films from around the world.

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  1. By the 5th century, Bahrain became a centre for Nestorian Christianity, with the village Samahij As a sect, the Nestorians were often persecuted as heretics by the Byzantine Empire, but Bahrain was outside the Empire's control, offering some safety.

  2. Chinese appear to have been among those who were mapping the world at that time - a mapping project which included North and South America as well as Antarctica - and some of whose maps were later copied by Piri Reis. But this does not explain the other 99% of sophisticated technology found in the ruins of ancient civilizations.