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The development of a reliable and sensitive protocol was a challenge due to the low level of VOCs emission by the banana plant.

Although flower and fruit VOCs have been studied for banana, the VOCs produced by the plant have never been identified despite their importance in plant health and development.

A volatile collection methodology was optimized to improve the sensitivity and reproducibility of VOCs analysis from banana plants.

We have identified 11 VOCs for the Cavendish, mainly (E, E)-α-farnesene (87.90 ± 11.28 ng/μl), methyl salicylate (33.82 ± 14.29) and 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one (29.60 ± 11.66), and 14 VOCs for the Pacific Plantain cultivar, mainly (Z, E)-α-farnesene (799.64 ± 503.15), (E, E)-α-farnesene (571.24 ± 381.70) and (E) β ocimene (241.76 ± 158.49).

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The study of the VOCs is gaining an increasing interest in the scientific community due to their importance respectively, VOCs emitted by the banana plant itself were never studied.

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