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This past year they’ve had Louis the Child and Sammy Adams just to name a few. They also have a cinema that features more ~artsy~ films if you’re into that!

I'd get very serious with him and say, "You are good.

Under-11s should be given explicit sex education to help reduce teenage pregnancies, a Labour MP has said.

Chris Bryant, who made the headlines in 2003 after appearing on a gay dating website in his underwear, also recommended distributing condoms in schools.

He was the first, but they were all great in their own ways. My parents are both very funny, and my brother has great timing.

He felt like one of us all week, which was such a pleasant surprise because, come on, it's Drake! It was refreshing to say, "Oh, he's just like our bud! I put one joke at the top of my speech, and people laughed really hard. I can probably write a more accurate birth-control parody than a guy writer from The Harvard Lampoon.

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These could include visits to sexual health clinics for information, advice and contraception.

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  2. He's happy to digitally celebrate Hillary's bid for the White House with you and venture into touchy conversational territory, like what he hopes to get out of online dating and the more obscure items on his bucket list. It'll just be another thing you do each week, like yoga class.

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