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In my line of work there's a lot of collaboration happening, and everyone talks with each other all day.

Because of that, it has been easy to fall into good friendships that sometimes become something more.

As with any relationship, be intentional and over-communicate with your S.

We've all seen, experienced, or thought about office romances.

So I guess you could consider me a seasoned veteran in this area.When you begin dating a coworker, your relationships with all your other coworkers will (and should) change.I can't be as open with my work friends about my relationship as I may otherwise be.Honestly, I would only recommend dating a coworker on two conditions: (1) You have no problem being very professional with your boyfriend at work and won't get jealous watching him interact with others, and (2) he's someone you really intend to be with for a long time.You don't want to bring drama or toxicity into the workplace with an unstable relationship.

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) and been fine with them to the extent that nothing changes about our work ethic or the team dynamic (as much as possible).

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