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Not long ago, feeling in the dumps for no reason, I was told by my wonderful son, Dan, that I needed ‘a hobby’. He suggested I leave my workaholic’s desk (piled with letters), take a sketchbook and go outside to rediscover an artistic flair which gave me much pleasure, years ago.

For years I’ve gone to the garden centre each May and stuffed expensive bedding plants into pots, leaving the rest of the garden to fend for itself. I imagine painting our flowerbeds with swathes of home-grown blue, white, purple and pink and speckling the meadow with wildflowers nurtured from seed.

And the last was a letter in which she said she didn’t regret a single thing about the last nine months, that she loved him and that although she didn’t want to back him into a corner she was annoyed that he had said ‘all those things to her’ yet always rushed home or left his voicemail on when she needed to talk. When I confronted him, he first denied they were his letters, even though they were addressed to him at work, then he repeated the ‘two women’ story.

When I said ‘confess or leave’, he still denied an affair.

Can you advise a very sad Grandma who hasn’t seen her two beautiful grandchildren for over three months?

As soon as my volatile daughter isn’t controlling a situation, she stomps off in an abusive rage and says I will never see them again.

These are older women who simply want family harmony, and indeed feel they have earned it — yet are subjected to verbal abuse, emotional blackmail, profligate borrowing with no sign of repayment, and so on. We know we should set a date for her to start paying us rent again but she rants and raves and shouts me down so I can’t face it’, I just can’t help wondering at what point that poor mother gave up on exerting authority over her child.You have to decide if you want to save this marriage or not.Stop torturing yourself in this understandable but pointless way and act — to stop you feeling a foolish victim and regain control.Couldn’t you suggest this to his fiancée, explaining how upset you are? If you visit uk you will see that this organisation does deal with conflicts including grandparent access.But I realise that would be a bold (and quite expensive) route to take. As I write this, my skilful husband is assembling the cedar building (8’x6’) which I bought online from a company called Gabriel Ash — a perfect name which would fit a Thomas Hardy novel.

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That is — if you want to go on being married to this flawed human being who has hurt you. After all, this time you have a lot to lose — and divorce will surely hurt your children.

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