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Anyway, probably what you and your GFs are experiencing is the whole Mars v Venus thing.For some girls, I imagine nothing could be better than to move to NYC, meet a guy and get married.This is why I think the marriage rate is very low for NYC - most guys/girls are focused on moving up their career ladders and look at love/sex as a means to live instead of a means to an end (ie, moving to suburbs, etc). Too many think that is the be all and end all of life.A home in the suburbs, 4 kids, and a minivan; and all that goes with that, screaming kids and dull boring wife. Suburban getting his rocks off while Mary Poppins is at home painting Easter eggs with the kids. Suburban throwing dollars at the hot chick with the silicon boobs!The problem is that for both men AND women, dating is tough because of the multiple choices in dating partners.Attractive single men and women will face temptation everywhere they turn in NYC, whether its at Starbucks or at work.

It's no different there (except that there are very attractive men in NYC, unlike Chicago, IMO)..

While, I imagine for most guys moving to NYC, getting married is the last thing on their minds.

Rather its time to enjoy life to its fullest, before being sucked into the vortex of, no sex, no fun, and the 'honeydo' list.

The only way it matters is if you meet a date who balks at the idea of taking the subway into another borough.

If you get that vibe from someone on a date, then its just better to move on because why waste time on a guy who thinks taking the subway to Bklyn is too "inconvenient" for him?? I remember when I was single (recently got married to a guy I met on LI) I dated a ton of guys in NYC - all ranging from Manhattan Wall Street types (typically the hardest to date because they generally are not marriage minded and love to casually date as a form of personal entertainment) to the Brooklyn starving artists.

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