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Chuckle have to agree but it's good to see another club starting up " Although its not that far from me, its a shame its in Leeds again, where there is already one very successful club and a regular house party.

We find Quest is a bit wine bar like and the rooms a bit clinical... Though they do seem to have recently added a few scatter cushions which is a bit better.

Whilst it is a new club I'm not sure it will generate a new variety of faces.

Its not as though swingers to the west of armley would not currently venture a further 5-10 minutes down the road to quest. I adore quest but it's usually the same faces there.

Quest is very stand up which generates that mingling atmosphere.

Sofas can sometimes be a little enclosed as your own personal space or it can invite people to sit opposite and chat."Oh yeah at last another club!

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Somewhat disappointed to see that they dont have a couples changing room, also surprised they dont allow single women on Saturday evenings.

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