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We really ARE NOT inherently bitchy people with “chips on our shoulders.” Well some are, but nobody pays any attention to them anyway.

by Ari Bines If you've been like me lately, you're mourning at the dismal conclusion that one of your favorite celeb crushes has lost his hotness card. Throughout the years, I've fought amongst many young women for dominance over this hot piece, the reason we grind our pillows at night post-Magic Mike midnight screening.…

As a low-budget university student, I never miss out a chance on saving some toilet paper money, and stocked up on these Cosmo’s.

However, before forever ignoring them, curiosity struck me and I guiltily peeked inside.

However, if you are keen to listen, there are a few glaring ways this feature could have applied to a majority of chair users instead of a minority.

We don’t want to come off as whiney or angry crips who can never be happy and find offense in every possible way we are portrayed.

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