Toshiba portege r705 p35 updating drivers

(initramfs) stdin: I/O error mount: Moutinho /dev/loop0 on I used Ubuntu 12.04 for over a year and I was very happy with it.Super-fast boot up, almost everything worked out from the beginning (except for the screem dim controls after suspending the system, as documented earlier in the forum).With an external DVD reader I can boot to a live DVD using the above F12 technique with secure boot disabled (and thus likely install with that) but I have not yet been able to get a Toshiba Satellite Z930 to boot to an external USB stick.I note my Z930 has the older v.6.40 UEFI firmware (where v.6.70 is most recent on Toshiba website as I type this).

My audio used to work properly, and I would like to know why it no longer works correctly. Realtek Audio Driver(v6.0.1.6083; ; 56.39M) You may want to try using System Restore to restore a previous restore point from before this became an issue.

(z935) The only big (-ish) problem is that the screen backlight does not work after resume.

To fix this do the following: in the file /etc/default/grub at the end of the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT (inside the quotes), then run update-grub.

It seems to solve toshiba suspend/resume problem completely. Does an external USB stick boot, with Secure boot disabled in UEFI, and pressing F12 boot/work for anyone ?

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