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I worried a lot at first about this, like yourself I just couldn't imagine putting my child in a seat 'unsafe' but he is perfectly safe.

My son has always been tall for his age and is the size of average 5yo. But he is in a full high backed, padded, side protection seat.

You can get good car seats cheap, my mum uses the narnia range for 30-40 pound and there fab. But definitely the 11 months plus range otherwise known as 123 You see I can understand that, but my daughter isn't even 3 yet and she was saying they were the best thing for us to buy, and I was NOT convinced.

but she paid about 130 for hers, which i would happily pay if i have the money, which, I do not, I need something that is either in the sale, or around 50-60, but we want something that will last until she doesnt need any kind of seat!

Also the height if your childs eye line level is above the top of the seat they need a bigger seat, this could just be a different make seat though if the one you have is particualry small.

The minimum weight for a highback booster with seatbelt is 15kg, as 15kg is the minimum weight that the belt would tension under the pressure of an accident.

I get shocked at seeing kids in booster seats at like 3/4.

A carseat is something I would invest in , if there's none your completely satisfied with in your price range , consider a little more. If not would she lend it to you for a bit until you find one?

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