Iphone sms badge not updating

I know Buzz Home Launcher had this for some apps about half a year ago when I used it. Yes it seams to me as if the badge notification is something thats not globaly managed over the phone... Edit: found that its challed generaly "badge notification" so i changed the title...

If you have adjusted your notification settings before, then you probably noticed it as an option, but you are probably wondering what it does.

I know several people that specifically dislike seeing the icon on the Mail and Messages app, for example, and they always go in and clear out those notifications.

You might find the badge app icons to be distracting, so fortunately it is possible to turn them off for most apps.

A badge app icon on the Settings icon will let you know that there is a software update that is available for you to start.

A badge app icon on the App Store icon lets you know that there are apps on your device that need to be updated.

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