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I just don’t believe you have to do that.” Isn’t it normal that one should be interested in the man behind the scenes? When – amid the finger-wagging – you get the odd smile or “darling”, you feel pathetically grateful.

One topic that invokes his ire is a recent report that today’s young British actors are (genuinely) posher than ever – that the world of theatre, television and film is dominated by the privately educated, whether it’s Parade’s End’s Benedict Cumberbatch (Harrow), Rebecca Hall (Roedean), Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens (Tonbridge) or The Great Gatsby’s Carey Mulligan (Woldingham). “Maybe whoever runs the English department at Eton is pretty bloody good. No: pump money into the state system and make it so good that nobody in their right mind is going to pay thirty grand a year to send their children to a private school, because the state system is so brilliant.

“We’re all victims of typecasting in this business,” he shrugs, “and the roles I get offered these days tend to be of not very pleasant, well-heeled people.Christmas audiences enjoyed some classic Dance in the BBC’s stylish Agatha Christie drama , where he played Justice Lawrence Wargrave, a remorseless hanging judge.And next weekend, over three hours on UKTV’s Drama channel, Dance will play another patrician figure, Sir Ian Hamilton, the British First World War general who oversaw the calamitous Gallipoli landings.He isn’t, however, in the least bit disingenuous about what that brand is.From urbane, romantic leading man, Dance has become the go-to guy for every icy aristocrat and patrician villain role going.

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