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He is always kissing me and holding my hand and I love the way he is so knowledgeable and humble and fun to be with..I dont know what to do.

), then this is a very reasonable request that he should accommodate.I did suggest the short texts just letting me know he is thinking of me, but guess what I got... It seems like he either goes for days on end without thinking about you, or he's purposely not messaging you in spite of you asking him to. Maybe he just wants to stay friendly with you, but doesn't want a serious relationship?If he consents, it might be interesting for you to talk to his family members. If so, is it tied to his ADHD, or is he simply just an inconsiderate person?There are so many things that I love about this man, but Im starting to feel a little crazy and triggered (i have anxious attachment issues).I think the biggest thing for me is that I am constantly having to reach out to him..course it was not like this in the beginning, but gradually has gotten worse.

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